Managing recruitment; Calculate funding; Electronic documentation; Individualised Training Plans

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Use technology to match candidates to vacancies, identify current skills and calculate negotiated rates to generate electronically signed evidence packs including commitment statements with individualised training plans your employer, apprentice and trainers understand.


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Manage vacancies and applications

Automatically calculate funding and OTJ hours

Inbuilt document signature functionality

What features does it have?


  • A pre-loaded Standards database, to create Apprenticeship programmes and skills scans
  • Effective management of candidate talent pool
  • Management and view of apprenticeship recruitment stages
  • Calculation of employer contribution
  • Calculation of negotiated rate
  • Automatic calculation of Off-The-Job learning hours
  • Tracking of Initial Assessment, Skills Scan and prior English and Maths results
  • Individualised training plans based on initial assessment
  • Electronic signing capability to reduce paperwork and track agreements
  • Automatic generation of electronic signup documentation including apprenticeship agreement, commitment statement and training plans required for evidence packs.

Why should you be using eSignUp?

Benefits for Senior Leaders and Managers

  • The electronic process allows identified vacancies to turn into starts quickly so maximising funding from new starts in year.
  • Pipeline information by stage is visible to support the forecasting of new starts against plan e.g. direct recruit, placed, interview, on hold etc.
  • Information is filterable by account manager or recruitment lead to support the monitoring of staff performance
  • Fixed costs and training costs by programme help ensure efficiency of training delivery
  • Training hours delivered by employer, main training provider, subcontractor and self study support effective structure of training programmes to maintain efficiencies of delivery
  • Processes give confidence that paperwork will meet auditors expectations and electronic signatory is available for all documentation in the evidence pack
  • Administration keyboard errors are reduced and more efficient administration processes
  • More professional interface with employers supports repeat business and enhances reputation
  • The right candidates are put forward for the right jobs ensuring good skills match requirements and maximum funding rates can be negotiated

Benefits for Business Development / Sales Teams

  • Shared access to the talent bank allows Account Managers to spec good candidates to employers
  • Account Managers can speak confidently about candidates to employers as their details are visible which gives confidence that vacancies will be filled with good apprentices
  • Candidates that are over or under qualified are identified early to help focus the right candidates to the right vacancy
  • Complicated OTJ calculations, negotiated rates and employer contributions are automatically calculated so you can be confident in negotiations with employers
  • The gathering of electronic signatures from employers and apprentices is easy for all paperwork with the inbuilt document signatory
  • Administration is much lower as information is only required to be keyed in once and then used to automatically generate documentation
  • Filter on your own vacancies or candidates to allow you to concentrate on your own work and targets

Benefits for Training Teams

  • Programme templates are set up just once, but easily modified in response to candidate’s current skills so that apprentices have a firm, defined training plan from day 1
  • The employer has been fully involved in the development of the training plan and so will support the training and understands their role and responsibility within the partnership
  • Mastery of skills is signed off specifically by an assessor / skills coach / tutor so that there is confidence in the validity of the skills scan
  • Identification of required Maths and English if appropriate is well defined and can be planned for

Benefits for Candidates / Apprentices

  • All staff have access to the talent bank and so can advise the apprentice of progress of their application
  • The notes function allows staff to record employer feedback, provide this to the candidate and arrange additional training to support them to improve
  • New apprentices are fully involved in the onboarding process and receive electronic copies of training plans and commitment statements for signatory and so they are fully informed and agree the training presented

Benefits for Employers

  • The talent bank allows the best candidates to be put forwarded supporting the employer to interview the candidates who are best fit for the vacancies
  • The electronic process allows the vacancies to be filled quickly to get apprentices started in post
  • The electronic signatory is easy to complete with touch pad and the employer retains all copies for future reference
  • The employer is fully involved in developing the training plan and so understands their roles and responsibilities in the training process, particularly release time for Off The Job Training to maximise the training opportunities
  • The solid training plan allows the apprentice to contribute to the business from day 1 of employment
  • The negotiated rate is clear and the employer understands exactly what training they are paying for including use of government funding and any employer contribution

Some early feedback...


“Haven’t seen anything else like this on the market that handles both negotiated rates and RPL hours”

Some early feedback...


“Slick, professional”

Some early feedback...


“Ready for the changes and challenges of the sector”

Some early feedback...


eSignUp “will fix a lot of our issues”

Some early feedback...


“Will reduce our current vacancy-to-recruitment process by half the time”

Some early feedback...


“Will solve the issues with signing of documentation during a global pandemic”

Some early feedback...


“Love the OTJ calculations and the ease of adapting training plans to reflect mastery identified in skills scans”

Some early feedback...


“You’ve literally thought of everything that could happen in the sign-up process”

Some early feedback...


“This will cut down admin errors and reduce the time we spend in sending paperwork back and forwards between departments with missing information”

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Free webinar: Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your apprenticeship offer

Produced by E-Memoir in association with eSignUp, this complimentary webinar provides participants with an opportunity to consider how to improve the processes associated with the conversion of vacancies into funded starts, generating a talent pipeline into apprenticeships, streamlining initial assessment and training planning, and supporting compliance with required documentation and audit requirements.

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